Where We're Going.....

We are teaming up again with Juvenet International and going back to Guatemala! If you're still interested in going it's not too late! We went over some important information in our first few meetings that you'll need to know (listed below). You'll want to contact Linda Vaughan who's heading up the mission or Derik Runyon for additional details or if you have more questions.

Want to know what we do in Guatemala? Scroll down to the "Where We've Been" section and view the videos we posted from our first visit to Guatemala. You can also be a part of this mission by contributing financially to our team. Click the "GIVE" button below. 

Guatemala 2017

Dates- October 21st-28th

Cost $2000.00 per person

Deposits and Due Dates

  • April 1st - $50
  • May 15th - $500
  • June 30th - $500
  • August 15th - $500
  • October 1st - $450

Important information

**Please be sure to get your Passport as soon as possible! You can go to Walgreens for your Passport image and then go to the County Office to complete the application. If you have a passport already please check your expiration date.

Make room in your luggage for small fun stuff to give away to the people you meet like sunglasses, hot wheels, candy, school supplies, earrings, etc. 

Serving opportunities include food distribution, wheelchair fitting, visiting orphans, and building a home.

There is an opening for someone to take charge of the fundraising. We have done firework stands in the past and other events. If you have additional ideas be sure to speak with one of our leaders.

Those of you who would love to speak a little more Spanish, Linda has some great ideas to get you started!

If you would like to give towards this mission click the Give Button to make a payment. Please indicate if you are making a payment to the group as a whole or if you are sponsoring an individual attendee of the mission. Thank you!


2014 Day 2 - Distributing 75lb bags of food and Medical Clinic


2014 Day 3 & 4 - Building two homes and church service (A 2nd medical clinic was also provided this day)



In 2013 we teamed up with the Mooney family of Juvenet International and headed to Guatemala for our first international mission trip! Take a look at the videos below to find out what happened!

To find out more about Juvenet International go to www.juvenet.org